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#13 "Yeah! Lets do it!"

If you are 16 and a friend calls on a Friday night to ask if you wanted to spend the next forty-eight hours rotating from playing a duel game of Risk and the video game, Heroes of Light and Magic, how would you respond? Or as a twenty-six-year-old if a childhood friend Facebook messages you asking if you would like to join her in throwing birthday parties for children experiencing homelessness, how would you respond? Or if the founder of a huge nonprofit calls and asks if you would like to take over his position as the executive director, how would you respond?

Really though, how would you respond? How do you respond when someone throws something new at you and needs your help? Maybe you would tell them you will check your calendar or maybe you would just turn them down.  Maybe you are like Josh Whiteside and respond with an energetic “Yeah! Let’s do it!’ 

When Josh’s friend, Sean, called and asked about playing two straight days of gaming, Josh answered, “Yeah! Let’s do it!’ Maybe that’s why he still has so many friends from high school. When Megs Yunn Facebook messaged him asking him about her idea to throw birthday parties for children experiencing homelessness throughout Pittsburgh, Josh replied with "Yeah! Let’s do it!” He left a well-paying job, became the first employee at the nonprofit, Beverly’s Birthdays, and helped Megs spread hope through birthday cheer. Maybe that’s why Beverly’s Birthdays has been able to create over 30,000 birthday experiences. ( When Justin Brown, the founder of the Education Partnership, called and asked him to take his place as the executive director, Josh responded with “Yeah! Let’s do it!” Maybe that’s why the partnership is still distributing classroom supplies to students and teachers in need at 139 schools throughout Pittsburgh at no cost! (

The words “Yeah! Let’s do it!” are important. We can learn from Josh to use these words more. Four words with a couple of exclamation points can help change this world. Imagine what it would be like if when people shared their ideas, we stopped doubting them and started listening to them. The impact of looking at them and saying “Yeah! Let’s do it!” would be explosive. The “Yeah” tells people you heard their idea. The “Let’s do it” tells them you are going to be there with them. The exclamation points tells them that you are excited to begin. Just look at the impact Josh is having on children through his role at both the Education Partnership and Beverly’s Birthdays. So start responding with those four words and start living it out. Imagine what we together can do for the people of this world.

Josh replies with “Yeah! Let’s do it!” Maybe that’s why so many people said he was a perfect person for my project. The next time someone shares an idea, how will you respond?

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