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#15 "That VIP Status"

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

If I had to choose one word to explain my most recent call, it would be the word cool. Why? I spoke with the coolest CEO of the coolest nonprofit. The CEO was Aria Finger, and the nonprofit was Do Something. Do Something is the largest nonprofit for young people and social change in the world! They help teens realize they have the power to transform their communities and provide them with the resources to make it happen. 

During Grounds of Change interviews, I sometimes ask people about memories they have from high school. Aria shared a memory about one night when her and a few girlfriends spontaneously bought some tickets, hopped in their car, and drove through the streets of New York to see one of their favorite bands in concert. They stood in front of the stage screaming the words to every song having the time of their lives. Most of us would be satisfied with that memory, but Aria’s group wanted more, so they “did something”. They waited outside the arena hoping the band would come out. The band not only came out, they gave them VIP tickets to the next concert. Today Aria leads an organization that supports thousands of young VIPs that all have something in common - they are doing something!

Do Something inspires young people to commit to the causes they believe in, just like Aria’s experience with her friends and the band they loved. Through their non-profit, young people from 13 to 25 can choose from many different campaigns and help make a global difference. From collecting jeans for teenagers experiencing homelessness to empowering others using social media, Do Something covers it all. In every US area code and 131 countries, young people are making a real-world impact. Starting is so simple! Visit, and find the campaign you are passionate about. Then ACT on it! 

So, what can we learn from Aria? We can find our passion. Back when Aria and her friends were 16, they were passionate about a band and took action to do something about it. This same approach can apply to changing the world. We all need to find what we care about and give our time to help make a difference. If we ALL begin to support the causes we believe in, we will become VIPs. The VIP status may not get us great seats or back stage passes, but it will produce something even more important - a better world!

What are you going to do for that VIP status? Scratch that. What are you going to do to change the world?

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