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#11 "Rain boots that were too big"

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Recently doorbell cameras have become increasingly popular throughout America. These magical doorbells record the scene on a person’s doorstep and send instant alerts to the homeowner.

If you asked Kelly what her doorbell would have filmed when she was sixteen, her answer may not surprise you. She would probably answer that you would see the postman delivering her new volleyball knee pads or younger Kelly coming home with roses after a piano concert. However, if you asked Kelly what her doorbell would have filmed recently, her answer may surprise you. After graduating college, Kelly and her husband learned about foster care and decided to become foster parents. Her doorstep camera began filming something a little different. For example, a five-year-old, a three-year-old, and an eight-month-old showing up on her doorstep with the only belongings they had - what they were wearing. They were wearing shirts that were too tight and rain boots that were too big.

This is the harsh reality of what is captured on the doorbell cameras of homes who are fostering. Teenagers hold trash bags on the doorstep with everything they own inside it, and little kids arrive with only a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. This is what makes what Kelly does so special. She founded Foster Love Project after fostering a total of seven children and becoming a permanent home for two children that landed on her doorstep. Foster Love Project provides placement bags for newly arrived children to foster care. These backpacks give them some small comforts, meet some basic needs and give them something to call their own. Her nonprofit also provides families with any additional things needed to properly care for the children. This may include gift cards, new toys, diapers, car seats, or winter coats. Kelly’s helping children in the foster system show up at each doorstep with a couple more outfits and an actual bag to hold their belongings.

So what can we learn from Kelly? We need to begin to start watching our footage. Think about what your doorbell camera would capture in the following weeks. School is just around the corner so probably the delivery of that new Nike backpack you will be carrying around the halls this year, or maybe you walking with your arms full of new school clothing. We need to begin to notice that not everyone’s camera is filming the same thing. Let’s challenge ourselves to have our doorbells record some meaningful actions. Maybe it will be us walking outside carrying donations for Foster Love Project ( Maybe it will be us walking outside carrying a shovel ready to remove the snow of an elderly neighbor’s driveway. Whatever it is, make your doorbell begin to stop seeing just packages and start seeing actions.

Kelly has changed the doorstep image for three thousand kids in foster care in western PA by acting. What new action is your doorbell going to film?

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