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#19 "His Life was Perfect"

My last facetime call was with Ben Higgins! You might know him from the 20th season of the Bachelor! The way Ben lives his life is truly inspiring. I hope it inspires you the same way it inspires me!

There are a few high school stereotypes that are pretty well known. A few examples would be the valedictorian, the lead in the musical, the cheerleading captain and, of course, the high school quarterback. That was Ben Higgins, the starting high school quarterback. He would walk through the halls, and everyone would know him. He would run onto the field under the Friday night lights, and everyone would cheer for him. His life was perfect. I mean, doesn’t it sound perfect? From the outside looking in, Ben’s life looked and sounded perfect. However, that could not be further from the truth. Ben was incredibly insecure and never felt like he fit in. Can you imagine that the most popular guy in the school could not find a place to comfortably fit? He shared with me that every day he felt like he was a chameleon as he tried to become like his peers. He longed for someone to accept the real Ben. Yep, one of the most famous people I have interviewed seemed a lot like us.

A few years past high school, Ben’s life began to drastically change. It was not fitting into a crowd of teenagers. Ben found his fit in the world when he started giving to it. He found his place, and his insecurities started to diminish. He saw a need and he filled it by founding the Generous Movement. The Generous Movement is a for purpose business that uses profits to fund operational expenses of nonprofits that are doing sustainable work around the world I think Ben’s story is an important one. The answer to his insecurities, feelings of unworthiness and doubt was generosity.

So, what can we learn from Ben? We can learn that kindness is undeniably important. We all need food, water, shelter and to be treated with kindness. This world, not just high school, is full of stereotypes. Stereotypes are simply misconceptions. For example, the starting quarterback struggles just as much as the valedictorian, and they struggle just as much as the cheerleading captain, and they struggle just as much as your bus driver. No one was given a “get out of suffering free pass”, and we need to continue to remind ourselves of this and treat everyone the way we want to be treated. 

I also believe that Ben’s life changed because he started to give back. That is not rare. You can’t even imagine the impact you will have on yourself by giving back to others. So, if you don’t get anything from the blog today please get this – find someone to help and help them. You will never regret choosing to help someone else.

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