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#9 "Helping Others is the Best Medicine"

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Throughout this project, I have been inspired by every call and meeting. However, after this particular call with Snooky, the founder of “Loving You Through it,” I was full of emotions. Her program provides professional oncology beauty services to women battling cancer. I hope this blog does justice for this incredible woman.

Imagine a sixteen-year-old girl sitting in the guidance counselor’s office with a fierce but hopeful smile. On one side of the desk sat the high school counselor who believed in college and on the other side sat Snooky who believed in hair. She firmly told her counselor that she was going to beauty school and was not concerned if she agreed with that plan. She kept smiling, went to beauty school and opened up her salon in Chula Vista, California. It did not matter to Snooky that her plan wasn’t easy; it mattered that her plan was worth it. 

Fast forward and imagine Snooky walking into the American Cancer Society Wig Bank for her free wig after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She was trying to keep that same fierce but hopeful smile on her face. Except this time her fight was more challenging than an argument with her guidance counselor. Her fight was against a disease that was trying to take away her life. Breast cancer takes a toll on a woman’s health and can rip away her confidence. She looked around at the thirty other women in the Wig Bank searching to find their beauty, strength and smiles again. Cancer had its grip on every single beautiful woman in that room.

Snooky was not going to let a disease steal anything from her especially not her smile. She knew she had to do something to help herself and these women. In the midst of her battle, Snooky opened up a new room in her salon. This room was to help oncology patients find their fierce, but hopeful smile. The program was called “Loving You Through It,” and it offered free professional oncology beauty services to women during and after chemotherapy. Snooky did not wait to be healthy to start this program. She made these women feel beautiful while fighting the same battle they were fighting. It did not matter to Snooky that her plan wasn’t easy; it mattered that her plan was worth it. 

So, what can we learn from Snooky? We can learn that we are not alone during our battles. We need to take strength from our challenges and give it to one another. We can stick together and help each other fight the impossible. It doesn’t matter what your impossible is. It could be cancer, depression, or just a bad week. There will be someone who is struggling just like you. Snooky mentioned to me that during her treatment helping those women became her medicine. She needed chemotherapy, but she needed “Loving You Through It” more. Every time she met another woman Snooky understood exactly what she was feeling and it gave her great compassion. 

In our lives, we are going to encounter people fighting battles similar to our own. We need to tell them we understand what they are feeling and develop compassion from it. It may be in the midst of our own fights, so let’s make helping others be our medicine. This blog does not have a question. Just a reminder that your pain can be someone else’s lifeline. 

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