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#1 "Don't Let Toxic Vampires Suck Your Sparkle"

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

This morning at a Panera window seat I chatted with Megs Yunn, the founder of Beverly’s Birthdays. Beverly’s Birthdays is an organization that is dedicated to making sure each child around the Pittsburgh area feels special on their birthday. The goal for this blog is to spread inspiration, so I thought it would be fitting to start with the women who has inspired me the most. I met Megs about a year ago, and she has become not only a role model, but a close mentor to me. Last week I was able to run into her office and hand deliver her letter, and I am honored that she is the first world changer I had the opportunity to interview. Megs is not a fan of coffee, so she brought her own protein drink to our meeting (Proteins of Change?).

To picture Megs as a teenager, think about bubbly girl with a high bright blonde ponytail. A “goody goody” (her senior superlative) with a big smile and an even bigger drive. Going into her senior year, she ran a campaign for president with the slogan “A vote for Megs is a step in the right direction.” She spent hours cutting thousands of rainbow footprints out to hang on every single locker in her high school. She came to school dressed in a sweatshirt covered in footprints and even spray painted footprints in the snow. She lost...but after the ballots were counted, her adviser congratulated her. Her efforts contributed to the highest voter turnout that the high school had seen in twenty years. It didn’t matter that she didn’t win. It mattered that she got people to take a step towards making a difference.

Twenty years later, Megs is still inspiring people to take a step. After meeting a young girl named Beverly in 2011 who mentioned to Megs that she had never had her own birthday party or even a slice of birthday cake, she started a nonprofit called Beverly’s Birthdays. Megs quickly realized that Beverly was not the only child who wasn’t being celebrated. So Megs took another step in the right direction and started throwing birthday parties for children in need. Since that day, Beverly’s Birthdays has created over 30,000 birthday experiences.

So, what can we learn from Megs? She has been taking steps in the right direction since her student council campaign. She emphasizes that a life without cause is a life without effect.

Let’s be like Megs and find our causes and simply just take that first step. As we start walking in the right direction, she encourages us not to get distracted by things such as fitting in. In Meg’s own words, if someone is a toxic vampire, don’t let them suck your sparkle.

So, you can see where Meg’s first step took her and how she continues to brighten lives. What step in the right direction will you take today?

Check out her organization and help Megs spread some birthday cheer!

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