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#7 “A choice to disrupt the world”

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Wooohoooo for Warsaw Indiana! That’s where my last call was from! It was with the founder of MudLOVE, Luke Wright! Through their handcrafted mud, they spread encouragement, joy and most importantly LOVE! From bracelets to coffee mugs, each purchase provides one week of safe, clean water to someone in need!

Luke woke up one morning in his college dorm room and made a choice. A choice to stop living to serve himself. He had looked back on the years that led him up to that very moment. It all started as an insecure sixteen-year-old who never imagined the path for his life would be a positive one. He made every day about the next party. He loved art and he was good at it, but Luke really did not believe he had any potential. This cycle of not feeling worthy lead him farther down a path of destruction. Until that morning, when he woke up in his college dorm room and made a choice.

He woke up that morning, called his friends and said, “I love you guys, but I cannot continue this path.” He found faith in both the Lord and in himself. This faith brought him back to his sixteen-year-old self. The boy who loved art. In a tiny garage, Luke started down a different path. His first step was with a block of clay in his hand and a deep love for others. So, he created MudLOVE, a place he could use his talent to show love to others. Every MudLOVE purchase provides one week of safe, clean water to someone in need. (Go order yourself something!

So, what can we learn from Luke? We can learn that every day we have a choice. We can choose to spend each day thinking about what we can do for ourselves or thinking about what we can do for others. The Earth does not hold a single person, it holds seven billion. Luke woke up one morning and decided to start living for the neighbors in his life and the strangers he would never meet. He knew that his choice may not change the world, but maybe it would disrupt it.

Since 2009, MudLOVE has given $350,000 to the 663 million people that lack access to clean water on our earth. Luke has not changed the world but he has surely disrupted it and made it a better place for others. With seven billion people on this Earth, there are many who are fighting battles and are in need. Maybe you can help disrupt that, it all starts with waking up in the morning and making a choice. What is your choice going to be?

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