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#41 "The Power of a Butterfly's Wings"

The Chaos theory explains that something as small as a flutter of a butterfly’s wings can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway across the world.

This blog isn’t about butterflies or typhoons. It’s about two brothers, Mike and Nick, who are doing something similar. They founded Blankets of Hope, and it is spreading kindness across the world.

Blog #41 is a special one because it's about not one but two world changers. These brothers are four years apart and making an impact together. Like many teenagers, both Mike and Nick played football and earned good grades. Another thing they shared, maybe not as common, is their love of receiving handwritten cards with their birthday presents each year. They knew someone had stopped and thought about them, and it meant something to both of them. 

Skip forward a few years, Mike and Nick are commuting together to their corporate jobs in Manhattan. On the subway, they would look around and see miserable faces on so many riders going back and forth to their 9 to 5 jobs. They agreed they didn’t want that for their future, so they both decided to quit their jobs to search for something more meaningful.

Something else that Nick noticed on his commute to work was a homeless man that he passed each day. He had a desire to help him in some way. This man appeared in Nick’s dreams after he had made the choice to quit his job. He decided now was the time to help this man. He crawled out of bed, opened his laptop and created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to give blankets to homeless people in NYC.

The next morning, Mike decided to join the cause and make it a family project. That winter Mike and Nick delivered 100 blankets. However, like I mentioned earlier, they always shared a love for handwritten cards. They realized that the people they wanted to help didn’t just need to feel warmth, they needed to feel loved. So, they added a handwritten card to each blanket.

Leaving their jobs and spreading kindness seemed to be pretty abrupt decisions, but like the butterfly’s flutter, it started a typhoon of compassion across the world. The following winter Mike and Nick found some partners to help pass out blankets - students! A teacher reached out to them to see if they needed help, so they worked together with the students to write thoughtful letters to the homeless community in their specific towns. By delivering those first 100 blankets, these two brothers caused a ripple effect that started with teaching students to be kind and ended with people in need feeling loved. They have delivered over 30,000 blankets, partnered with 152 schools in 32 states and impacted over 60,000 lives. Check out their website and join them

So, what can we learn from Mike and Nick? We can learn that we all have the power of the butterfly’s wings. We all can have a lasting effect when we make a choice to use kindness. The amazing thing about being kind to another person is it never goes to waste. Mike and Nick made a choice together to lead lives of generosity, and now they are inspiring students everywhere to follow in their footsteps. 

Be that butterfly today and create your own kind of kindness typhoon!

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