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#40 "Music Heals"

Blog #40 is about DJ CherishTheLuv. I think her and her story are both incredible, and I hope after this blog you think that too! (Check her out!

When Cynthia was a teenager she always felt like an outcast. She went to an all girls Catholic high school in Queens. She did not feel like she was enough for herself or her surroundings. While in high school, she shaved half of her head and wore lots of necklaces. She spent her time listening to music, making necklaces for friends, and painting music lyrics on things for others. Cynthia graduated high school and went off to college. She studied design and eventually became a successful freelance designer.

Then, everything changed. 

In 2008, Cynthia was longboarding during a vacation in Sweden when she had a horrible accident that left her with two badly injured knees, a broken shoulder, and a severe concussion. The impact of the concussion eventually became worse than the broken bones, and Cynthia spent a year walking around in a “fog”. She didn’t always understand what was going on around her and could not remember things from her past. She felt lost.

Then, everything changed, again.

Cynthia was going to doctors and therapists to try and get herself back. One day, she was listening to a song, and she immediately remembered something from her past. That prompted her to listen to many different songs, and she became overwhelmed with the memories that the accident had stolen from her. Music became Cynthia’s healer.

Today, Cynthia is a DJ, DJ CherishTheLuv. She DJs for weddings, events, and shows and creates her own custom mixes. She is called on by Ryan Seacrest’s CIVIC, Samantha Bee, Amy Schumer, Nile Rodgers, the We Are Family Foundation, Viacom, Comedy Central, TEDtalks, The New School for Social Research, Goddard Foundation, Heritage Radio Network, You Can Thrive!, Vanity 4 Humanity, Project1Voice, and more.

And that’s not even the best part. Cynthia is a music missionary, and she has dedicated herself to the phrase Music Heals. She teaches DJing to teenage girls who are facing battles such as homelessness. She has brought music into the hospice setting. While providing work for hospice patients, she has helped bring much needed comfort!

So, what can we learn from DJ CherishtheLuv? When Cynthia and I were reflecting on her teenage self, she said “you know I actually was pretty cool.” She just never felt like it. We can learn that we are enough…just the way that we are.

Begin to express your true self, and everything will change. As you can see from DJ CherishTheLuv, it can not only change your own life, but it can change lives around you.  

Cynthia’s interview reminded me of something I’ve been taught since I was five. Every snowflake is unique, yet they are all just as beautiful. We are all unique, yet we are all just as beautiful. Be you today!

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