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#38 "The Icing of Humans"

Icing is arguably the most important part of a cake. I mean, of course, there’s also butter, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs and milk. They all come together to make a cake. However, what makes it a masterpiece is the glorious icing spread on top.

I think as human beings we are a lot like cakes. I mean, of course, we have bones, blood, and organs. They all come together to make a human. However, I believe the best part of us is the consideration we possess - our desire to help and care about others. The compassion we have for each other is what makes us a masterpiece.

Maybe the cake analogy is a little bit of a stretch, but I’m not the only one who believes how essential compassion is to making us human. Grounds of Change interviewee #38 Sara Schairer founded a nonprofit over this exact theory. Compassionit ( is a global movement whose mission is to inspire daily compassionate actions and attitudes. They envision a world where compassion is practiced by every person, for every person, on every day.

Sara’s story began in a small town that only claims about twenty five hundred residents. She had a blast growing up, spending all twelve years of school with her best friends, a class of only seventy-four. It was full of sports, musicals, and student council. She then spent her college years at the University of North Carolina, met her husband, married and had a daughter. Then something happened. She went through a divorce that left her devastated, depressed and searching for direction. But like so many other Grounds of Change interviewees, she turned her mess into her message, and Compassionit was born.

She started a movement all about empathy plus action by teaching others to try to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Her and the Compassionit team have led programs for more than 3400 schools, 1350 college students, and over 1300 adults. Think about that. One person has used the pain she felt to help thousands of others feel less pain. Her movement is helping the whole world become more connected at a time when we need it the most.

So, what can we learn from Sara? We can never forget to add icing to our cake. Let’s continue Sara’s movement and make compassion the new cool! You can send a positive text to a friend, smile at a stranger or even give someone the benefit of the doubt. It could be the first step to leading our planet to a more peaceful and less painful world. Go cook yourself a cake of compassion, and maybe even add some sprinkles! Have a sweet day Grounds of Changers!

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