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#36 "People Power"

This interview fascinated me. The entire time I just kept thinking...”Wow! This man is a SUPERHERO.” Kenny Sipes is a game changer who has the power of bringing people together for the greater good. His story captured my attention, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Also, check out his coffee shop (The Roosevelt Coffeehouse - Good Coffee for Good) and make sure to stop by if you are passing through Columbus, Ohio!

Let’s begin with Kenny’s teenage life. By his sophomore year of high school, Kenny was hooked on drugs and alcohol. He had been arrested by his senior year and spent his days in drug rehab. His troubles became worse the day someone snuck in drugs. This trouble caused Kenny to change his path, and he became determined to never do any of it again.

Skip forward to a new chapter and find Kenny hopping from job to job. He eventually settled down in a suburban community in Ohio working as a youth pastor. He worked with middle school students, and he decided to make it his mission to help them understand both the privilege they had and the change they could make together.

His first mission involved taking twenty middle school students to East Saint Louis on a mission trip. On that trip, they witnessed a family as they watched their house burn to the ground right in front of them. That moment caused a radical transformation in these middle schoolers. They understood that this family may not be able to recover from this. They decided to do what they could to help and pulled all their cash together to purchase items for those people.

Kenny then led sixteen more domestic and three international mission trips with these Ohio children. He helped these children think outside of themselves.

His second mission expanded beyond middle school students.

Kenny ended up leaving the church and opened up the Roosevelt Coffeehouse. Profits from their coffee sales support initiatives that fight hunger, unclean water, and human trafficking. They roast coffee to bring communities around the world closer to the resources that they need to live. Now, citizens of Columbus can get their daily coffee and help the world while doing it.

What can we learn from Kenny? I believe that Kenny has a talent to lead others to make a difference. However, I think anyone can do that. Go find the cause that you care about and introduce it to others. Someone will listen. Someone will help. Someone will contribute. And soon, you will be making a difference together.

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