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#32 "What Will You Do With Your Move?"

Wake up. Move. Go to Sleep. Wake up. Move. Go to Sleep. Wake up. Move. Go to Sleep. In the simplest terms, that is how each of our twenty-four hours is spent. That move in the middle though has some major depth. That move is spent in millions of different ways, day in and day out. For Adam Lowy, Grounds of Change interviewee, his move is for hunger.

Adam has always been a mover. In fact, Adam was a mover and a shaker in high school. He was involved in music, participated in band and joined student council. He lived by the beach and enjoyed concerts in his spare time. He spent summers working as a busboy and on his Dad’s moving truck. He lived, in his own words, the typical Jersey Shore experience. 

Adam’s family has owned a moving company for one hundred years. This is a really important part of the story because it was while he was working with the family business when he noticed something - something that could make a difference. When people are preparing to move - packing the boxes and clearing out the clutter - they often throw out the things they are not taking with them. Many times they have to throw away food because it would be difficult to store it or keep it cold during the move. There is actually more food than you would think that gets wasted during moves. So, Adam started something so simple, yet so genius. This family moving company started asking families if they would donate the food they were planning on throwing away to local food banks.

The moving company was going to be there moving anyways...why not move the world a little while they do it? We move you; you donate your food; we take it to a local food bank. And...Move for Hunger was born. Adam created a network of socially responsible relocation companies to provide their customers, clients and residents with the opportunity to donate their food when they moved. Since 2009, they have delivered more than 16.3 million pounds of food to food banks across the United States and Canada. That’s the equivalent of 13.6 million meals. Check out their website

So, what can we learn from Adam? Adam mentioned to me that his goal for this organization is to not have it anymore. His goal is to fill hungry bellies across the world and get every moving company to join him. No one has ever mentioned to me that they want their organization to end- but really that is the finish line for every nonprofit.  Also, we can learn to FILL the move between when we wake up and when we go to sleep. What can you do with your move today to change someone’s world for the better? Adam’s family moves people with their move, but they add a special touch to it to help others. Find your special touch today!

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