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#31 "Always Order Sprinkles"

Grounds of Change interview number thirty-one is all about Kylee McGrane, the cofounder of a nonprofit called “A Moment of Magic”. This program takes college-age students to volunteer at children’s hospitals and schools dressed as some of the world’s most popular princesses. Check out a video of this magic- Don’t skip this part! Trust me - it is the most important part of this blog!

As a sixteen-year-old, Kylee ran track, participated in swimming, played soccer and loved leadership. However, when Kylee was a junior, she transferred to a new school because she was being bullied. That experience ended up being very important because through that rough time, she learned how to treat people and also how to be treated. Kyle needed to be reminded that she was brave. She was strong. She was fearless. 




Those three feelings helped Kylee get through those difficult times in high school, and they stayed with her. She knew how important those feelings were to her and decided to do what world changers do - use her experience to help others. She wanted to help kids put those feelings in their back pocket, so they would have them to use when they needed them most.

Those three words lead her to hospital rooms dressed as a princess (she is a total Elsa lookalike). She founded “A Moment of Magic Foundation” which provides a variety of services to children with medical vulnerabilities, all at no cost. These services include bedside visits, large event appearances, book readings, sing-a-longs, arts and crafts, individual visits, and video chat calls. They create highly interactive programming to enrich the life of the child and add a touch of magic. A Moment of Magic Foundation is the original and largest organization of its kind with 20 chapters all over the United States with more than 800+ college student volunteers.

So, what can we learn from Kylee? I believe a few things. First, we can learn to use our pain as paint for a better world. She took those three words, kept them, and now is giving them. Secondly, she told me that in everything you do add a little kindness. Think of life as an ice cream sundae and always order the sprinkles. Those sprinkles are going the extra mile, smiling at a stranger, or dressing as a princess and heading down to the nearest children’s hospital. Be good to others, make your interactions with people moments of magic. 

And do not forget Grounds of Changers- You are brave. You are strong. And you are fearless.

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