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#30 "Power. Positivity. No retouching."

With snapchat and instagram at the tip of our fingers, capturing and sharing moments with our phone cameras are a huge part of the world for my friends and me. However, those snapshots are not always shared the way they were taken. Many go through makeovers with filters and editing apps. Sometimes it seems like in the world today, being cool is better than being real. 

That editing is how the Aerie Real movement started. Grounds of Change interviewee number 30, Jen Foyle, walked me through its development. As they were building Aerie, they were looking through pictures of models trying to inspire new ideas. While flipping through the photos, someone mentioned to Jen that they didn’t airbrush any of the models. She immediately thought to herself, “Why would someone airbrush a model?” It was ridiculous to her. And BAM, a great idea was born - build a whole campaign around that exact thing...being real. It has evolved into real people and customers wearing their Aerie Real clothes. They tried something new and ended up changing the world. A village of empowering American Eagle/Aerie workers built this special line - A line of realness. 

There is something awesome about a brand that teenagers love that also encourages them to embrace being themselves. If you haven’t visited are missing out. Take a look! Aerie Bras, Undies, Swimsuits and More for Every Girl | Aerie for American Eagle Outfitters. While you are there, check out their photo upload instructions towards the bottom of the screen. #AerieREAL: Power, Positivity, No retouching.

So, what can we learn from Jen? Well, to start, as a teenager she was the class clown (her senior superlative), loved humor, and worked super hard. She has brought that hard work and humor into everything she has done- even this super rad fashion movement. She has brought her authentic self to a clothing line that inspires teen girls to be just as authentic. Let’s be like American Eagle and try something new. Let’s try being our real, authentic selves. 

Stop for a second and think about the life you upload real is it? Let’s not change ourselves, let’s change the world. Power. Positivity. No retouching.

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