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#28 “You know...Sweatpants and Charity”

Wait Wait Wait… someone is changing this world in their sweatpants? Wait Wait Wait… you can change the world in your sweatpants too? It’s actually super simple to do! Check it out!

My most recent interview was with Kate Rapier. She is the founder of Global Girls Night. She mixed three of her favorite things: her love for girls’ nights, the movie First Wives Club, and her desire to support several non-profits. Global Girls Night is a creates change by raising money for nonprofits through girls’ nights gatherings! Check out her story.

When I asked Kate about who she was in high school, she looked at me and said “well not a lot has changed since then!” She loved any social event and was always talking. Being told to be quiet was something she heard often. Kate had a heart for volunteer opportunities and helping others. There was always a passion within her for gathering people to do something bigger than themselves!

She was right…not much has changed since then. Skip forward a couple years, and Kate found herself with an idea. She knew she liked helping people and serving and she was passionate about MANY nonprofits. Her idea: extend a regular girls’ night with movies, wine, cheese, and friendship into a charity event by asking her friends to bring a donation for a cause.It is such a simple idea. Just bring the skinny pop and $5. Before long, 1000 girls’ nights can raise $50,000! 

So, what can we learn for Kate? In her own words, “It is not the magnitude of one. It is all of them together!” We can bring our friends together to start changing the world. One person and five dollars can actually go a long way in helping people in need, but two friends

and ten dollars goes even farther. Think about it…all you have to do is pick a cause, invite some friends over, enjoy a movie, have a great time and make the world a better place!

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