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#25 "We keep that Mission Statement Front and Center"

One of the coolest parts of Grounds of Change so far happened when a package appeared in my mailbox from Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia. It was a special delivery including a book and a note written from Yvon replying to my Grounds of Change letter! If you do not know what Patagonia is….go check out this awesome company! From climbing gear to sweatshirts, they sell it all. Although more importantly, they save it all. 

This is what I mean by “they save it all.” 

In my interview with Yvon, I asked him, “What does the phrase changing the world mean to you?” He replied, “We changed our mission statement to basically say that we are in business to save our home planet. It has nothing to do with making a profit or making clothes. We are simply in business to save our planet, and that has changed everything. We keep that mission statement front and center.”

Patagonia is a company that does not fit the typical mold. This is not a surprise because Yvon has never made the choice to be typical. As a teenager, he hated high school. He thought that “school got in the way of his education”. The only classes he believed he thrived in were hands-on classes and geography. After high school, he did not care about making a living. He just wanted to climb mountains and live on the edge of society. He started making climbing supplies to better his experience, and before he knew it, the whole world wanted the supplies he was making. Yvon stresses, “You have to play your own game. I learned that if you play your own game, you will win every single time.” By playing his own game, he built a company from scratch which is now leading the way in saving the planet.

Patagonia keeps their mission statement front and center. They are in business to save our home planet. That’s the game Yvon is playing. What is your game going to be? You don’t have to start a company to have a mission statement. You just need to get focused on something bigger than yourself.

While you are figuring out your game and your mission, let’s join Yvon in supporting Patagonia’s mission of saving our home planet. Let’s change our focus from making money, getting the grade or impressing others to something that really matters. Yvon believes that if we all work together, we can pull off saving this planet. So please, sign up for Yvon’s game and help planet Earth!

Yvon and I had a phone call, so we could not take a selfie. So, here is me repping his company!

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