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#23 "No Need for Thank You"

I know nothing about superheroes, so I googled “what makes spider-man a

hero?” My google search informed me that Spider-man is a hero because

he chooses to use his powers for the betterment of humankind rather than

himself. I love that definition! However, I believe Spider-man is such a cool

superhero because he saves the world just to simply save the world, not to

gain the attention of others. Think about it. It was Peter Parker’s secret that

he was Spider-man. No one except Peter knew that he was the one who

was saving them. This reminded me of my most recent Grounds of Change

interview - FRZY! FRZY is a Pittsburgh grown, Emmy award musician, MC,

artist and rock star. You can check out his full list of accolades here

( (

In high school, FRZY was competitive, sports driven, and insecure. He only

listened to Will Smith, and he loved basketball. He was the only kid in

school with a tattoo. He cut the sleeves off every shirt so everyone would

be able to see it. He worked hard both in school and athletics. He had

always loved music, so after high school he chose music as his life plan.

He started to work with a producer, and he learned how to write his

freestyles. His talent has been recognized across many channels, and he

has had many notable historical achievements. He’s such a rock star, but

that is not even the coolest thing about him. From the outside looking in,

the world sees a successful hip hop artist. But from the inside looking out,

FRZY has a passion for giving back to his community, and Pittsburgh is his

community. He has visited over 100 classes and 50 schools in Pittsburgh,

and he even did a tribute to Mr. Rogers! Check it out!


Thanks to google I know that Spider-man is a hero because he chooses to

use his powers for the betterment of humankind rather than himself. I could

easily change the word Spider-man to FRZY and the context of the

sentence would not change. He works to make Pittsburgh a better place,

but he does not search for a thank you or recognition.

We live in a world that needs more people like FRZY and Spider-man.

Wait, we have a world with people just like FRZY and Spider-man. I meant

to say that we need more people that realize they can be just like FRZY

and Spider-man. We ALL can do it! Whatever you choose to do in your life,

do your best to change the world. One act of kindness can change

someone’s day. One friendly smile can change someone’s attitude. Use

your powers for the betterment of humankind!

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