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#22 "There will always be More Good out there if you look for it”

Mary’s coworker walked into work that morning with a Grande coffee and a Venti smile. He had just received the coffee at Starbucks because another customer bought a $100 gift card and let it run out through the line. That coworker had experienced a difficult year; yet he could not stop smiling about a free $4 coffee.

That was the first story Mary told her mother on the phone that winter morning, but then went into a rant about how the world is a disaster.  Mary explained to her that she had spent the morning watching constant updates from ABC News about the Sandy Hook shooting where 26 innocent people were killed.

Her Mom stopped her from finishing her second story and said, “Mary, you have to focus on that coffee story. There is always going to be tragedy and horrible things that will happen in the world, but there will always be more good out there if you look for it”.

Little did Mary know that this phone call and those two words “more and good” would end up changing her life. 

A few weeks later, Mary found herself sitting in a hospital waiting room with her family trying to be okay as she watched her mother die. Sitting there in the dreary hospital room in this very difficult situation, she thought about what her mother had said a few weeks earlier about looking for the good in this world. Mary shared the stories of the “More Good” she had found to her family. Those stories did not take away the pain of losing her mother, but it made it more bearable.

After Mary’s mom died, she knew she needed to start finding those “More Good” people and things her mother had talked about. So on October 16th she packed up her mother’s car and began traveling from state to state finding the More Good. When I talked with her, she was in Pennsylvania (her 44th state) staying in her 138th different home. Now she is in her 48th state and 148th home. Follow Mary’s travels here

I think there are two people we can learn from in Mary’s story. First, we can learn from her mother that there will always be more good than bad in this world. We just have to open our eyes and look for it. Second, we can learn from Mary. We can learn that sometimes in life you need to drop everything, hop in a minivan and find the good in this world. She set out to find good, and it was not hard to find. It will not be hard for you to find it either. That is something we all need to remember- every single day.

If you could write a few chapters of a book on all the bad in this world, then you could write an entire book on all of the good-that’s exactly what Mary is doing! She is putting together all of her stories in a book for hospital waiting rooms. If you follow Mary’s example and open your eyes and look around, you will find the good. It is all around you. If you change your focus, there will simply be MORE GOOD in this world. 

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